After entering course requests and scheduling students, run the Course Waiting List to view courses with unfulfilled student requests. If a large number of students requesting a course have unfulfilled requests, evaluate the master schedule to pinpoint the reason. For example, determine if no classes exist for the course in the selected academic year.

  1. On the Reports page, click Scheduling Reports.
  2. From the list on the left, select Course Waiting List.
  3. Create a new or open an existing report.
  4. On the General tab, select the school, academic year, session, and terms to include.
  5. You can mark the Create an output query of courses checkbox.
  6. In the Report orientation field, you can select Portrait or Landscape.
  7. On the Filters tab, define the courses to include in the report by name, query, range (such as course ID 310 to 410), department, grade level, course type, and/or course attribute.
  8. On the Columns tab, you can select the report columns, such as course ID, grade level, number requesting, and number waiting. You can specify each column's heading, alignment, and width.
  9. On the Format tab, in the Detail section, mark the Show the list of students waiting for each course checkbox.

Show the list of students waiting for each course checkbox

  1. In the box, mark the checkboxes for the information to appear for each student. Checkboxes include Student name, Grade level, Homeroom, Student ID, Advisor, Request priority, Current status, Gender, Homeroom teacher, Partial enrollment/request, and SSN.
  2. You can order the selected checkboxes with the Up and Down buttons.
  3. In the Order by field, you can select Student Name, Addressee/Salutation, Student ID, Grade level, Advisor, Request priority, Current Status, or Gender.
  4. In the Column format field, you can select Single or Double.
  5. In the Sort/Break section, include Number waiting in the sort criteria so you can easily identify the courses with the most unfulfilled requests.
Sort/Break section