Option Explicit

Public Sub EventPart()

Dim oParticipant As CParticipant

Set oParticipant = New CParticipant

oParticipant.Init REApplication.SessionContext

'Load the participant's record

oParticipant.Load 44

With oParticipant

   Dim lEventID As Long

   Dim lPriceID As Long

   'Get the Event ID to later get the Price Information

   lEventID = .Fields(Participants_fld_EventID)

   'Load the Event

   Dim oEvent As CSpecialEvent

   Set oEvent = New CSpecialEvent

   oEvent.Init REApplication.SessionContext


   oEvent.Load lEventID


   Dim oprice As CEventPrice

   'Get the Event Price ID for the Unit needed

   For Each oprice In oEvent.Prices

       If oprice.Fields(EventPrices_fld_Unit) = "Group" Then

           lPriceID = oprice.Fields(EventPrices_fld_ID)

       End If

   Next oprice

   'Closedown Event


   Set oEvent = Nothing

   Set oprice = Nothing


   Dim oFee As CParticipantFee

   For Each oFee In .Fees

       If oFee.Fields(ParticipantFees_fld_Unit) = "Individual" Then

       'Assign the Event Prices ID that is accociated with the unit you want _

       to change the unit to.

      oFee.Fields(ParticipantFees_fld_EventPricesID) = lPriceID


       End If

   Next oFee


   Set oFee = Nothing

 End With

'Save the participant


'clean up


Set oParticipant = Nothing

End Sub

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