1. To add the invoice, either:
    1. Open the Client record
    2. Select the Recurring tab
    3. Click New recurring invoice
    1. In Records, click Recurring Invoice
    2. Click Add a New Recurring Invoice
    3. Browse out to the appropriate Client record
  2. Fill out the appropriate information on the Recurring Invoice tab
  3. Enter the appropriate Line Items on the Line Items tab
  4. Select the Invoice Schedule tab
  5. In the Number of Invoices field, select an unlimited or fixed amount of invoices to generate. If you select Fixed, enter the number of invoices to generate.
  6. Click Schedule
  7. In the Frequency field, select the frequency in which the invoices should generate
  8. In the Starting on field, enter the date of the first invoice
  9. The Next field automatically displays the next scheduled invoice
    Note: To update the grid after making changes, click Update
  10. When the invoice schedule information is entered, click OK to return to the Invoice Schedule tab
  11. Click Save and Close to save the Recurring invoice

How to generate recurring invoices (BB102464)