1. Click the Configuration link in the left navigation bar. Then, click the Letters button in the middle column.
  2. Highlight the type of letter (i.e. Constituent, Gift, etc.)
  3. Double-click the letter to edit.
  4. Click the "Edit Export" button. If the button does not appear on the screen, change the View of the letter. If the button is grayed out, a merge document has not been created for the letter. Click the Create a new Blackbaud Word merge export icon to the right of the binoculars to create a simple mail merge document or a conditional mail merge document. 
  5. On the export screen (titled with the name of the letter you selected in step 2), click the "Edit merge document button" from the task bar at the top of the screen to open the letter. (It is on the same row as the Save and Close button and appears more as a link than button.) 
  6. Word opens to a blank merge document. Notice the options in the action bar: Insert Raiser's Edge Field, Insert Word Field, and Save and Return to RE7. (Note: In Office 2007, you must select the Add-ins tab first.)
  7. Click Save and Return to RE7 to save the letter
  8. Click Save and Close to save the export. 
  9. Click Save and Close to save the letter code in Configuration.