Blackbaud NetCommunity provides organizations with a website program for users of all levels.

  • Users can create Web pages with multiple layers of layout, template, content, and image design. These pages can be updated instantly with functionality to move from Blackbaud NetCommunity to your website to view changes.
  • You can generate and send an email to an individual or to a group from Blackbaud NetCommunity
  • You can set security for each section of the program using roles you define
  • You can track statistics about usage of your Web site
  • Web site users can make donations or register for events using online forms created in Blackbaud NetCommunity>
  • Blackbaud NetCommunity effortlessly integrates data between your website and The Raiser's Edge. website users enter information into areas of your website (such as profiles, events, or donation forms) that you can download into The Raiser's Edge through the Blackbaud NetCommunity Integration plug-in.
Contact your Account Manager for more information on this and other services offered at or call (800) 443-9441.