The Membership Statistics by Category Report reflects the changes of membership statuses during a specified time period.


To run the report:

    1. Click Reports, Membership Reports, Membership Statistics by Category and click New.
    2. Go through each tab and select the appropriate parameters.
    3. Click Print or Preview.

    Calculation of the 'Memberships as of' Column:


    •  Memberships prior to (Start)
    •  New
    •  Renew Upgrade In
    •  Renew Down In
    •  Rejoin Same
    •  Rejoin Upgrade In
    •  Rejoin Downgrade In
    •  Upgrade During Cycle In
    •  Downgrade During Cycle In

    Subtotal = X



    •  Renew Upgrade Out
    •  Renew Downgrade Out
    •  Upgrade During Cycle Out
    •  Downgrade During Cycle Out
    •  Dropped

    Subtotal = Y

    Subtract for total:

    X - Y = End Members as Of


    • "Lapsed" is no longer included in the formula.
    • When filtering on Categories, In and Out results may not match if a member Moved in or out to a category not in the filter set.