On the Grading tab of a course record, you determine which skills are associated with the course. To define only skills information and not grading information for a course, leave the Grades tab blank and enter information on the Skills tab.

For example, you might define only skills on Lower School course records, but define grading and skills information on Middle School and Upper School course records. 

To add skills to a course record:

  1. In Records click Courses.
  2. Open a course record and select the Grading tab.
  3. To edit an existing grading information record, select the appropriate academic year and session (such as 2004-2005, Regular). To create a new grading information record, you can click New Grading Information or Copy on the action bar.

    Note: If you click Copy, select the academic year and session from which to copy and the academic year and session to create.

    Grading tab

  4. On the Grading Information screen, the Grades tab automatically appears.

    Note: If you record only skill ratings and not grades for a course, you can leave the Grades tab blank. If you record grades for the course, review How to define grading information on a course record (BB160244).
  5. On the Grading Information screen, select the Skills tab.

    Skills tab

  6. To select skills not associated with a category, click Load Skill on the action bar. Move skills into the Include these skills box. Click OK.
  7. To select skills by category, click Load Category on the action bar. Move categories into the Include these skill categories box. Click OK.
  8. Mark the checkboxes to indicate the marking columns in which to award skill ratings.
  9. To save the grading information and return to the Grading tab, click OK.