1. In Configuration, click Fields
  2. Highlight the category the field relates to in the tree-view on the left
  3. Locate the field in the Field Options grid on the right
  4. With the cursor in the row corresponding to the field, enter the new field name in the Display As column


  • The changes are system-wide
  • Renamed fields cannot contain more characters or a wider width than original field name. Otherwise, the leading characters of the new field name may be cut off by the screen layout.
  • When importing, the original field name must be used because the field name does not change in the back end of the database
  • Some fields are hard coded in Raiser's Edge and unable to be changed. If you highlight the Display As box you wish to change and it highlights the entire row, versus only the Display As, that tells us the field is hard coded and is unable to be edited