To pull the constituent records:

    To pull the pledge records:
      • Create a gift query
      • Filter on:

        Gift Information, Latest Payment Made between [the date range]

        AND Gift Information, Pledge Balance equals 0


      1. Create a gift query with the following filters:
        • Gift Pledge Balance = $0

        • And Last Payment Made between [Desired date range]

      2. Create a Pledge Activity Report
        1. Put in specific Date Range

        2. Create a gift output query to get Query 2

        3. Exclude all pledges with an outstanding balance

      3. Merge Query 1 with Query 2 using the And operator to create Query 3 which will be all Pledges that have been paid off

      Note that the constituent and gift queries will include anyone whose pledge was WRITTEN off during the date range as well as those who paid the pledges off in the date range, because the write-off is 'counted' like a payment would be in the Latest payment made field.