Important considerations:
  • A course must be scheduled in at least one of the terms associated with the marking column to be graded in the marking column.
  • Associating marking columns with terms ensures calculations are performed correctly and display accurately on report cards and transcripts.
  • Be sure to use the same table entry if you are using a marking column in multiple marking column sets, such as Final, so the grade information lines up correctly on report cards and transcripts.
  • You cannot delete a marking column set if the set is associated with a session.
  • You cannot delete a marking column from the marking column set or remove a term association from a marking column if information exists for the marking column (such as in Grades).
  • You must order marking columns in each set chronologically. Marking columns included in a marking column calculation in Faculty Access for the Web must be listed before the marking column being calculated. If you change the order of the marking columns in the set, you can invalidate calculations in Faculty Access for the Web.
  • Select marking column term associations carefully.  If a class lasts for more than one term and a student is dropped or withdrawn from one of the terms, the student remains in the Faculty Access for the Web gradebook for the other terms associated with the marking column.  Refer to Able to enter grades for dropped and withdrawn students in Faculty Access for the Web (BB181310).

 How to add a marking column

  1. In Configuration, click Registrar Setup and from the list on the left, select Marking Column Sets.
  2. Select an existing Marking Column Set and click Open
    Click New Marking Column Set on the action bar  and enter a name for the marking column set in the Name field (maximum of 60 alphanumeric characters).

    Marking Column Set


  3. In the Description column, select or enter the descriptions of the marking columns. If you enter a new description (maximum of 60 alphanumeric characters), a message appears asking if you want to add it to the Marking Column table.
  4. In the Display Text column, enter how each marking column appears in column headers in grades, report cards, and transcripts (maximum of 10 alphanumeric characters). Enter as few characters as possible (such as QT 1 instead of Quarter 1) because the display area can be shortened depending on the area available.
  5. In the Include column, designate whether to associate all or selected terms with each marking column. If you choose Selected, the Selected Terms screen appears for you to select the terms to associate with the marking column. Move the appropriate terms to the Include these terms box.
  6. Click OK to return to the marking column set screen.
  7. Click Save and Close.
  8. Mark the marking column as graded on all applicable courses.