If you have the VBA module:

Create a VBA query and count the splits.

If you do not have the VBA module:
  • Query on the information:


    1. Create a gift query
    2. On the Criteria tab, select:
      Gift Information> Fund List contains ;
      Note:  You can also include Gift Information> Campaign List contains ; , Gift Information> Appeal List contains ; , or Gift Information> Package List contains ; depending on which records you need.

      On the Output tab, output:
      Fund List, etc.

      The results will display all constituents who have given a split gift, and how the gifts were split.

      Note: Include only the filters you need. For example, if querying on gifts that are split between two or more appeals or two or more packages, include only the Appeal List and Package List filters. The semicolon (;) entered as the filter value indicates more than one appeal, campaign, fund, or package exists in the list.

  • Add a specific field to each split gift

    Note: You could use a Gift Code of Split Gift on the Miscellaneous tab of the gift to record this instead. In Query, filter on Gift Information, Gift Code equals Split Amount.


    1. Add a gift attribute named Split Gift with a data type of Yes/No.
    2. When entering a split gift, add this attribute on the Attributes tab. For instructions on how to do this globally, refer to the "An attribute can be globally added..." section listed below.
    3. Create a gift query and filter on:
      Attributes, Specific Attributes, Split Gift, Split Gift Description equals Yes
  • You can export the gifts and get a count of them in Excel.
    1. Create a gift export for all gifts
    2. Select Fund, Fund Description (or Fund ID) and choose to export 2 or more per gift
    3. Open the list in Excel
    4. Sort by the Fund2 column.  All gifts without Fund 2 are the non-split gifts

If an actual query is needed:
  • It can be created by manually selecting the records from the export above into the query.

    1. In the export above, include the Gift ID field
    2. Create a gift query and filter on:
      Gift Information, Gift ID one of [enter each of the Gift IDs from the export file]
  • An attribute can be globally added to the gifts through import and then queried on as shown under "Add a specific field to each split gift" (listed above).
    1. Open the export file created above in Excel.
    2. Delete all rows without more than one fund. The easiest way to do this is to sort the spreadsheet on the fund2 field. This places all blank ones together so you can delete them as a group.
    3. Delete all columns except the Gift Import ID. Give this field the header, GFImpID.
    4. Add two columns with the headers: GFAttrCat and GFAttrDesc.
    5. In the GFAttrCat column, enter 'Split Gift' (without the quotes) in the first row and copy all the way down to the last row
    6. In the GFAttrDesc column, enter 'Yes' (without the quotes) in the first row and copy all the way down to the last row
    7. Import the gift attribute using a gift attribute import