If the academic year is set up in Registrar's Office to track attendance by Day only, day attendance codes can be entered in Faculty Access for the Web for students in your homeroom or classes, depending on how Registrar's Office is set up.
  1. On the Home page in Faculty Access for the Web, select an academic year
  2. On the navigation bar, click Attendance
  • Select a term for which to enter attendance
  • Select a class or homeroom

    Note: depending on your Attendance Business Rules in Registrar's Office Configuration, either the homeroom or class is available
  • Select the appropriate attendance codes for each student
  • Click Details to enter a Call Type and Comments about an attendance entry
  • After completing the attendance entries for the day, select Yes in the Attendance Taken row
  • To save attendance, click Save

    For more information about Attendance entry in Faculty Access for the Web 7, refer to the User's Guide for Faculty Access for the Web (PDF)