Set up a user group in Security and give them read-only rights


If concerned about limiting the number of view-only users in the database at one time (e.g. you run out of user licenses so the users who need to be in are locked out):
    • Remove the individual log ins for the view-only users.
    • Set up a few view only users with a generic user name such as User 1, User 2, etc. and give them view-only rights. Keep the number of generic log-ins low to prevent the regular users from being locked out.


      For example, you have 20 user licenses and 15 specific users need to be logged in all day to use the software. Give the 15 users their own personal log-in. Then set up 5 generic logins: User 1, User 2, User 3, User 4, and User 5. This way, only 5 view-only users can be in at one time so none of the 15 who must be able to use the software will ever be locked out.