When an optional module is installed, the following features/options become visible:

Constituent Records -
  • Events - Events tab
  • Search - Prospect tab
  • Volunteer - Volunteer tab
  • Member - Membership tab
  • Tribute - Honor/Memorial tab
EFT- In gift records, an EFT checkbox appears on the Gift tab when Credit Card or Direct Debit are chosen as the Pay Method. In Batch, the Credit Card button is removed and is replaced with the advanced functions in the Batch Tools menu of Automatically generate transactions/payments and Create EFT transmission file.

Planned Gift Tracker (PGT)--In gift records, add a new gift and the gift type of Planned Gift will be an available choice.  In Reports>Financial Reports there is an option for Planned Gifts Report

Alumni - In education relationship records, a Primary alumni information checkbox appears on the School tab

Postal Discount - A Postal tab appears in mailing functions

Queue - A Queue option under Administration

VBA - A VBA User field appears in Query. In the upper toolbar, VBA/API Help is listed under Help and Visual Basic for Applications is listed under Tools.

API - In the upper toolbar, VBA/API Help is listed under Help. Also, API type libraries become available.

RODBA - A Read-Only Database Assistance Query Tool plug-in appears on the Plug-ins page. In RE Query, you can now click View > SQL (Ctrl+Q) to view the SQL code behind a query.