When an optional module is installed, the following features/options become visible:

Constituent Records -
  • Events - Events tab
  • Search - Prospect tab (If on 7.92, you can tell if you have access to Reports > Prospect Research Reports).
  • Volunteer - Volunteer tab
  • Member - Membership tab
  • Tribute - Honor/Memorial tab
EFT- In gift records, an EFT checkbox appears on the Gift tab when Credit Card or Direct Debit are chosen as the Pay Method

Planned Gift Tracker (PGT)--In gift records, add a new gift and the gift type of Planned Gift will be an available choice.  In Reports>Financial Reports there is an option for Planned Gifts Report

Alumni - In education relationship records, a Primary alumni information checkbox appears on the School tab

Postal Discount - A Postal tab appears in mailing functions

Queue - A Queue option under Administration

VBA - A VBA User field appears in Query. In the upper toolbar, VBA/API Help is listed under Help and Visual Basic for Applications is listed under Tools.

API - In the upper toolbar, VBA/API Help is listed under Help. Also, API type libraries become available.

RODBA - A Read-Only Database Assistance Query Tool plug-in appears on the Plug-ins page. In RE Query, you can now click View > SQL (Ctrl+Q) to view the SQL code behind a query.