The student must have a Student Progression entered for the school and academic year prior to entering grades or course requests.

To enter a student progression for the student:
  1. In Records > Students, open the student record.
  2. From the toolbar, Select Student > Student Progression.
  3. Enter the appropriate School, Academic Year, Grade Level, and any other preferred information for the year in which course requests are being added.

To identify students that are missing the Student Progression:
  1. Create a new student query
  2. On the Criteria tab, filter on Current Status is Equal to or One of
  3. Filter on Student Progression Academic Year is Equal to

    (or filter on Current Grade Level is equal to if working with a specific grade level)
  4. On the Output tab, select Student Name and any other fields to appear in the results
  5. Select the Results tab to run the query

    This lists all students who do not have a student progression entered for the selected academic year.
  6. Use the query to globally update Student Progression Entries for all students who do not have one