Business information is tracked on the Relationships tab of the Individual record:

  1. Open the Individuals record
  2. Select the Relationships tab
  3. Next to Show:, select Business Relationship from the drop-down menu
  4. In the first free row under Name, add the employer as a relationship
    • If the organization already exists in the database, click Add Relationship. Locate the record and click Open.
    • To add a new organization, enter in the organization name in the Name column and press the Tab key. Select the Create a new Organization record and enter the applicable relation information
  5. Enter the Relationship/Reciprocal Relationships (Employer/Employee) and Position that the parent has at that organization
  6. If this is the Individuals Primary Business, mark the Primary Business checkbox
    Note: When you enter the business relationship, a business address is created on the Addresses tab of the parent record

To also track additional information regarding the parent's occupation, add an attribute on the Attributes tab of the parent's Individual record, or as an Address Attribute on the new business address that is created.

For related information, refer to How to enter different business information for individuals when multiple individuals are linked to the same organization (BB253316).