Run the Account Distribution Report, which provides a breakdown by General Ledger accounts of gifts in the specified date range.
  1. In Reports, select Financial Reports.
  2. Highlight Account Distribution Report and click New.
  3. On the General tab, select the records to include. To report on a specific group of constituents, choose to include selected records from a query of those constituents.
  4. Choose the date range to be analyzed as well as how to credit soft credits and matching gifts.
  5. On the Filters tab, select any desired appeals, campaigns, constituent codes, or funds.
  6. On the Gift Types tab, edit the selected gift types.
  7. To include an address and/or phone number, select the desired address or phone types on the Individual and Org Address tabs.
  8. On the Format tab, select Detail to determine if posted, unposted, or both kinds of gifts should be included.

    Include Gifts

  9. Click Print or Preview to process the report.

For more information on this report, review the Reports Guide (PDF) and the Sample Reports Guide (PDF).