Adjust the original pledge, changing the fund through the adjustment process.  All future payments will be applied to the new fund.  The original pledge will reflect the new fund assignment.   Any prior payments already made will reflect the original fund assignment.


As each payment is made going forward, manually change the fund on each pledge payment to reflect the desired new fund.  The original pledge and prior payments will reflect the original fund assignment.


Write off the original pledge and enter a new pledge for the remaining amount using the new fund.

In deciding which option to pursue, consideration should be given to reporting needs.  Depending on what reports are used for pledge-related gifts, there may be implications for how fund related information is reported, based on what parameters are used.  Some examples of reports to consider include Pledge Status Report, Pledge Activity Report, Gift Detail and Summary Report. 

Note: To change the designated fund for a posted pledge, and update the designated fund for past and future payments, refer to How to change the campaign and/or fund on a posted pledge and payments.