• If the deposit is unposted:
    1. In Accounts Receivable and Student Billing, unapply each payment.
      In Cash Receipts, delete each payment.
    2. With the deposit open, select File, Delete from the menu bar.
  • If the deposit is posted:
    1. In Records, Deposits, open the deposit.
    2. Select the Deposit tab.
    3. Unmark the Deposit Cleared and Deposit ticket printed on checkboxes.
    4. Change the status of the deposit to Open.
    5. Select File, Save from the menu bar.
    6. Select Deposit, Void from the menu bar.
  • When voiding a deposit, there is not an option to edit the reversal post date. To edit the reversal post date, the payments must be voided individually.
  • Reconciled deposits cannot be voided.
  • If you have Cash Management installed:
    1.   When voiding the payment, If you choose the option to Leave the total deposit amount the same and create an offsetting bank adjustment for [amount] , you will not be able to use Void this Deposit. The remaining payments in the deposit would have to be voided individually. 
    2. If you choose the option to Reduce the total amount of the deposit, you will be able to use the Void this Deposit option later if needed
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  • The deposit's reversal post date defaults to the deposit's to the deposit's original post date. Voiding a posted deposit also voids each payment contained in the deposit and creates the reversal transactions to post to the General Ledger. If individual payments need to be voided, refer to How to void a posted payment.