Before you can run a calculation, you must create a calculation parameter set to define the school, academic year, session, and marking column for the calculation.  To define a calculation parameter set:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Grades.
  2. Click Run Calculations.
  3. On the action bar, click New Calculation Parameter Set.
  4. On the General tab, select the school, academic year, and session.
  5. In the Calculate field, select GPAs.
  6. In the Marking column field, select a marking column.
  7. In the Include these calculations frame, mark the checkbox for each calculation to include.
  8. Select the appropriate printer in the Print report on field.
  9. To assist with troubleshooting incorrect results, mark the following checkboxes:
    • Create an output query of students with returned results
    • Create an output query of students with exceptions
    • Show calculations for each student
  10. You can also mark the Include historical grades and Include outside school grades checkboxes.
  11. Select the Filters tab to define the students to include in the calculation
  12. Select File, Save from the menu bar.
  13. On the Save Calculation Parameter Set as screen, you must enter a name (maximum of 60 alphanumeric characters).
  14. You can enter a description and mark the Others can run this calculation and Others can modify this calculation checkboxes.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Click Preprocessing Report or Calculate Now.
Note: If the calculation encounters a Grade it can't translate, it will truncate the calculation, omitting any classes that would have come after the truncation.  Address any errors to make sure all the grades show in the calculation.