1. In Administration, post all gifts to the General Ledger
  2. In Configuration, select General Ledger.  Note the following information for use in Step #7 below:
    • Database type:
    • Server name:
    • Database name:
    • Any definitions under Accountability options
    • Journal reference definitions
  3. Unmark the Blackbaud General Ledger Present checkbox.
  4. In Administration, run Post to the General Ledger.  A post file is created.  The reversal is marked as Posted in The Raiser's Edge.
    (Note: because the connection to the General Ledger is temporarilty disconnected, this process will not actually post to the General Ledger.) 
  5. Manually enter the reversing entry in General Ledger.
  6. Delete the post file that was created.
  7. In Configuration, select General Ledger and mark the Blackbaud General Ledger is Present checkbox.  Re-enter the settings from step #2 above.