The data type you select for each attribute in Configuration determines the format accepted for each attribute description.

    • Text allows you to enter free-form text. This is the least restrictive data entry format. We recommend you select text when the other data types are not applicable. Text does not allow you to maintain consistency in the database.
    • Number allows you to enter numbers (i.e., 4, not four).
    • Date allows you to enter only dates. When entering the date, you must include a day, month, and year.
    • Currency allows you to enter a monetary value.
    • Yes/No allows you to enter a value of either yes or no.
    • Table allows you to select an entry from an existing table or one you have created.
    • Constituent Name allows you to search for and select a constituent from your database.
    • Fuzzy Date allows you to enter incomplete dates, such as year only.



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