To link a gift to a registration:
  1. Open each appropriate gift
  2. Select Gift, Links, Events, Registration Fees from the menu bar
  3. Click the Load registrations From button
  4. In the Open screen that appears search for the name of the participant whose registration the gift will be linked to, and select find now
  5. In the Pay Registration Fees window, click the link box for the registration you will be linking to, and add the amount of the gift to be applied in the Amount applied column. This amount can be less than the gift amount, but it cannot be more than the gift amount.
  6. Click Ok
  7. Save and close the gift

From the events record:

  1. In Records, click Events.
  2. Open the appropriate event record.
  3. Select the Participants tab and open the appropriate registration.
  4. Select the Registration Fees tab and click Link to Gift. The Open screen appears.  Search for the name of the donor whose gift will be applied to the registration.
  5. Open the gift to link and click select. If the gift is new, click Add New. 
  6. If adding a new gift, a new gift opens. Enter the constituent name and gift information and click Save and Close. The Amount to Apply to Registration Fees screen appears.
  7. If applying the gift to registration fees, indicate the gift amount to apply to the registration (normally the same amount as the registration fees). This amount can be less than the gift amount, but it cannot be more than the gift amount.
  8. Click OK. The Linked Gifts for Participant screen appears. 
  9. If another gift should be linked, click the New linked Gift button, and follow steps 4 through 7 again.
  10. Click Close to return to the participant's Registration Fees tab.
  11. The Amount paid and Date paid fields now include the gift information. Click View Gifts to view the linked gift.
  12. Save and close the record.