Possible causes:

  • The export containing the merge letter does not include deceased constituents, inactive constituents, or constituents with invalid addresses.
  • The letter, export, gift, or constituent is corrupt.

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the export is not excluding the record:
    • On the Bio 1 tab of the constituent record, unmark Deceased?, Is inactive, or Has no valid address and save the record.

    • In Export, locate the export parameters that contain the merge letter. On the General tab, mark the Deceased constituents, Inactive constituents, or Constituents with no valid address checkboxes. Save and close the export.
  2. In Configuration, recreate the letter.
  3. In Export, first verify the criteria of your query and the export match as this can cause this issue, if it still persists locate the export associated with the letter and recreate it.
  4. Recreate the constituent or gift record from which the letter is being merged.