In Financial Edge version 7.75 and prior:
1. Select Tools, Options from the menu bar
2. Select the Records tab
3. Highlight the General option
4. Select the appropriate option from the Default Post date for applications drop-down list

Starting in version 7.77 this option has been removed from the user options. This is because all users in the system can have a different date default and may not have set this option the same causing reconciliation and reporting discrepancies. Furthermore, there is no audit trail behind which user made the application transaction leading to further confusion. To alleviate this we now choose the latest of the dates on each record involved in the application.

For example if the date on the Payment is after the Charge date, the Payment date is used as the application date. If the Charge comes after the Payment the Charge date is used. This means that they will appear applied as soon as they could have been relative to the dates used on the records in question. You can still edit the application date manually on the Payment Record, but all users will have the initial date default in the same manner.