What are the Summary Information fields and where are they located?

Summary Information fields are available in almost every type of query and include fields such as Beginning Balance, Ending Balance, Debit Amount and Net Activity. The Summary Fields available depend on the query type selected.

Create a new query and click the plus sign next to Summary in the Available Fields frame to view the fields. Summary Information fields can serve as filter, sort, or output fields.  

Summary Information Fields Defined

To further define Summary fields you can select other fields, such as transaction date, account numbers, or attributes. The query will base the summary filter on these specific criteria. After selecting the summary field, you can further define characteristics such as the value and the date range, depending on the summary field selected.

Using Summary Information Fields

The examples below demonstrate how you can use summary information fields. The first set of examples use a summary field in the output, the second set ofexamples use a summary field in the criteria.