In the Forms section of Mail, you can create, edit, and run report cards and transcripts.

Note: You can also access report cards and transcripts in Grades by clicking the Print report cards and Print transcripts links in the Administrative Tasks section of the Grades page.

Note: If Blackbaud Hosts your database, please upload the file to your Files Folder prior to performing the steps below.

Note: The graphic must be in .BMP or .JPG format.

In the report card or transcript header, you can add a logo and notes. 

  1. On the report card or transcript screen, select the Format tab.
  2. In the Header section, select General to open the General Header screen.

    Format tab with General selected

  3. In the Template layout field, select Side by side or Stacked.
    Note: If you select Classic, you cannot include a logo.
  4. Mark the Print school logo checkbox.
  5. In the File name field, browse to the logo graphic file.
    To include notes in the header, mark the Print notes checkbox and enter text in the box.

For complete information about report cards and transcripts, review the Mail Guide by selecting Help, User Guides from the menu bar in your software.