On report cards and transcripts, you can include students' grade information from schools other than your own.  This information pulls from the Student Record, Education tab.  When entering other schools on the student record be sure to check the box to "Print education on report cards and transcripts."  Also include Academic Years and Grade Levels so that they will be included correctly on transcripts and report cards.

  1. In Mail, click Forms and create a new (or open an existing) report card or transcript
  2. Select the Details tab
  3. Mark the Include information from outside schools attended during the year checkbox (Include information from outside schools attended on transcripts)

    Include information from outside schools attended during the year checkbox

  4. Click Format

    Outside Schools Format screen

    On the Outside Schools Format screen:
    1. In the first field, enter a heading for the outside school information.
    2. Mark the Show school name checkbox to repeat report card sections for
      each outside school. If you do not mark this checkbox, information is grouped
      together under the section heading and sorted as a group.
    3. If you mark Show school name, you can also mark Append years attended to school name to add the years the student attended the outside school to the school's name on the report card. You can select the year format, such as MM/DD/YYYY or MM/YY.
    4. You can enter a comment to include after the outside school information. You can select the font style and size for the comment.
    5. Mark the checkbox titled Print a horizontal line after outside school information to add a horizontal line as a divider between information from outside schools.
    6. In the field titled Heading for current school information, you can enter a heading to appear between information for your school and outside schools.
    7. Click OK to save the information and return to the Details tab
  5. Open the Courses section
  6. On the General tab, mark the Print courses from outside schools checkbox
  7. You can mark the Print Grades and Print Credits checkboxes
  8. Click OK

For complete information about report cards and transcripts, review the Mail Guide by selecting Help, User Guides from the menu bar in your software.