In Registrar's Office 7, you can add freeform notes sections to the summary/notes area of a report card or transcript.
  1. In the Forms section of Mail, create a new (or open an existing) report card or transcript.

    Note: You can also access report cards and transcripts in Grades by clicking the Print report cards and Print transcripts links in the Administrative Tasks section of the Grades page.

  2. Select the Summary/Notes tab.
  3. In the Section column, select Freeform Notes.
  4. On the Freeform Notes Section screen, enter a title for the note in the Section heading field.

    Freeform Notes>

  5. To indent the note on the report card or transcript, mark the Indent section details checkbox. Enter a number (such as .25 or .5) in the inches field.
  6. Enter the note in the box provided.


  • The freeform notes section does not print in columns; rather, the text of a note fills the entire width available for the section.
  • You can use the formatting options on the toolbar to format the alignment, style, and direction of note text. For example, you can define the text as left justified, bold, italicized, and underlined.
  • You can also check the spelling or use the thesaurus to find a synonym.

For complete information about report cards and transcripts, review the Mail Guide.