In the Forms section of Mail, you can create, edit, and run report cards and transcripts. You can include activities and activities comments on report cards and transcripts.

Note: You can also access report cards and transcripts in Grades by clicking the Print report cards and Print transcripts links in the Administrative Tasks section of the Grades page


  1. On the report card or transcript screen, select the Summary/Notes tab.
  2. Mark the Show the summary/notes area checkbox
  3. In the Section column, select Activities to open the Activities Section screen
  4. In the Section heading field displays the default heading,
    "Activities", for the activity summary section. You can use this heading or
    enter a different one.
  5. To indent the activity summary section, mark the Indent section details [ ] inches checkbox and enter the amount to indent
  6. Mark the Show column header row checkbox to display column headings. Unmark the checkbox to hide column headings
  7. If you marked the Show column header row checkbox, you can mark the checkbox titled Print a box around the column heading row. This prints a box around column headings and multiple column heading rows.

    Note: When you mark this option, boxes print even if there is no text in the column heading
  8. Mark the Print a horizontal line after each activity checkbox to print horizontal lines between rows
  9. Mark the Print a vertical line between columns checkbox to print vertical lines between each column in the section
  10. Mark the Include a [ ] after this section checkbox to add a blank line, horizontal line, or column break after the activity summary section for each academic year
  11. Mark the Only show activities marked participated checkbox to include only those activities for which Participated is marked on the student record.
  12. Mark Show activity comments on a separate line to include activity comments on the report card or transcript
  13. Select the Columns tab
  14. Add the appropriate columns, such as Activity, Hours/Week, and Comments
  15. For each column that you select, define the column width and enter and format the column heading

For complete information about report cards and transcripts, review the Mail Guide by selecting Help, User Guides from the menu bar in your software.