In Registrar's Office version 7, you can print a student's attendance totals on report cards. You can print attendance in either the Details, Summary/Notes section or the Academic Summary section.
  1. Print Attendance Totals for each course
    1. In the Forms section of Mail, create a new (or open an existing) report card.

      Note: You can also access report cards in Grades by clicking the Print report cards link in the Administrative Tasks section of the Grades page.
    2. Select the Details tab.
    3. Open the Courses section.
    4. To print attendance totals in the Details section, click New Column on the columns tab.
    5. In Fields to show, select Total attendance.

      Courses section - Details

    6. In the Column Contents section, mark the attendance codes to include in the attendance total printed on the report card.

    Note: To print attendance totals in the Academic Summary section, select the Summary/Notes tab on the report card screen. Select Academic Summary in the Section column. On the Academic Summary Section screen, select the Columns tab. Select Attendance in Field to show.

  2. Print Attendance Totals

    1. In the Forms section of Mail, create a new (or open an existing) report card.
    2. Select Attendance on the Details tab.
    3. On the General tab, enter an Attendance Category Name.
    4. Select to include all or select specific corresponding Attendance codes.
    5. Mark the Translate tardies to absences to to print translated tardies as absences if you defined tardy code translations in
      Configuration (for example, five tardies equals an absence).

      Attendance section

    6. Select the Columns tab and click New Column.
    7. Select Heading, Sum of Units or Number of Occurences in the Field to show drop-down.
    8. Mark the terms to include in the Attendance columns.
    9. Click OK
    10. Enter any additional attendance columns or Click OK to return to the report card.

    Note: You can also select the same options on the Summary/Notes tab to print attendance in the Summary/Notes section of the report card.

    For complete information about report cards, review the Mail Guide (PDF)