In Registrar's Office version 7, you can print both a letter grade and the corresponding number grade on report cards and transcripts, regardless of how the grade was entered in Grades.


  1. In the Forms section of Mail, create a new (or open an existing) report card or transcript > Go to the Details Tab > Highlight Courses and select open.


  2. On the columns tab, click New Column or open the existing column that needs editing.


  3. In Field to show, select Marking column.


  4. In the next field, select the marking column to show.


  5. In the Column Format section, you have many options in the Letter/Number field. You can select:
    • As entered as the grade appears in Grades
    • LG (#) letter grade, then numeric grade in parentheses
    • (LG) # letter grade in parentheses, then numeric grade
    • LG letter grade only
    • # (LG) numeric grade, then letter grade in parentheses
    • (#) LG numeric grade in parentheses, then letter grade
    • # numeric grade only

For complete information about report cards and transcripts, review the Mail Guide.