• Amount Received — By default, Amount Received includes Cash, Stock/Property (sold amount minus broker fee, where applicable), Gift-in-Kind, Other, Pledge Payments, Matching Gift Pledge Payments, and Recurring Gift Payments. To include different gift types, click Select in the Gift types to include frame.  
  • Variance  The difference between the Goal and the Amount Received.
  • Total Committed — By default, Total Committed includes the same gift types as Amount Received; however, if you select to also include the Pledge, Matching Gift Pledge, and Recurring Gift gift types, Total Committed includes pledge balances, matching gift pledge balances, and recurring gift amounts. The pledge balances and matching gift pledge balances consider all adjustments and write-offs, and the recurring gift amount reflects the amount of the last amendment.
    When all Gift Types are selected, Total Committed= Sum of all Gifts Received (Cash, Pay-cash, MG Pay-cash etc.) + Outstanding Pledge Balance