The database file is locked:
  1. Go to the exact path indicated in the error message
  2. Locate the .MDB file specified in the error message
  3. Right-click on the file and select Properties
  4. Unmark the Read-Only attribute and click OK
  5. If a .LDB file exists with the same name in that folder then also delete that file
Insufficient permissions on the folder/file:
  1. Run a utility like ProcMon to determine which directories or files need permission changes 
  2. Add the required permissions and then attempt to execute the code again. For example, the windows SYSTEM account should have Full Control on the folder [RE path]\SysDB  
The drive mapping is incorrect (typically with reports using an external datasource):
  1. Correct or create the appropriate drive mapping on the workstation -or-
  2. Change the location of the exported file and use a UNC path instead of a physical drive mapping for the report
If any of the above steps do not resolve the issue:
  1. Uninstall The Raiser's Edge 7 from workstation 
  2. Install The Raiser's Edge on the workstation
  3. If issue involves emails (ex: mail merges or automated emails) within RE
    • Right click on Microsoft Outlook and Run As Administrator
    • Right click on The Raiser's Edge and Run As Administrator