The Formula Editor is used to create and edit formulas. The Formula Editor contains five main windows:
  1. Workshop Tree: contains a list of all other formulas in the report. When one of these formulas is selected, the formula code will display.
  2. Report Fields: contains all of the database fields accessible for the current formula. They also contain any formulas or groups already created for the report.
  3. Functions: pre-built procedures that return values. They perform calculations such as average, sum, count, sin, trim, and uppercase.
  4. Operators: the "action verbs" used in formulas. They describe an operation or an action to take place between two or more values such as add, subtract, less than, and greater than.
  5. Formula text window: Area where you create or edit a formula.

When you are finished creating or editing a formula, click Check (X+2 button with a green checkmark underneath) to identify any errors in the formula. Then click Save and Close to save the formula and return to the report.

Note: The following shortcut keys work in the Formula Editor:

  • New (CTRL+N)
  • Save (Alt+S)
  • Save and close (CTRL+S)
  • Check (Alt+C)
  • Name (CTRL+M)
  • Undo (Alt+Back Space, or CTRL+Z)
  • Redo (CTRL+Shift+Z)
  • Browse Data (Alt+B)
  • Find/Replace (CTRL+F)
  • Toggle Bookmark (CTRL+F2)
  • Next Bookmark (F2)
  • Previous Bookmark (Shift+F2)
  • Clear All Bookmarks (CTRL+Shift+F2)
  • Sort trees (CTRL+O)
  • Field Tree (Alt+F)
  • Function Tree (Alt+U)
  • Operator Tree (Alt+P)
  • Help (Alt+H)
  • Syntax (CTRL+T).