As long as the the information (Advisor, Homeroom Teacher, Homeroom) are  present on the Student Progression Entry, the information will show in the respective Bio 1 fields based on the start date of the next academic year. See below for more details.


When today's date is not within an Academic Year's start and end dates or the student does not have a Student Progression Entry created for the current academic year, the Homeroom, Homeroom Teacher and Advisor fields are grayed out on the Bio 1 tab of a student record.

Enter a Student Progression on the student record:

  1. With the student record open, select Student, Student Progression from the menu bar.
  2. On the Student Progression screen, select entries for the School, Academic Year, and Grade Level, they are required. You can select entries for Advisor, Homeroom Teacher, and Homeroom.
  3. Click OK to save the information and close the Student Progression screen.  

Student Progression screen

Note: If a student is new, they will not have a Student Progression Entry on the Bio 1 tab until the first day of the academic year in which they are enrolled.

If you are using The Education Edge, set up a Business Rule to adjust if Today's Date is not within the Academic Year: 

  1. In Configuration, click Business Rules and highlight Students. 
  2. For the section When Displaying and Updating Advisor, Homeroom Teacher, and Homeroom, and the Current Date is not Within an Academic Year, select the option to use the Next Year's Student Progression Entry.

    option to use the Next Year's Student Progression Entry