Multiple attributes can be imported in one file. How that file is set up is determined by the import type used:

  • If it is an attribute import type such as constituent attribute, individual relationship attribute, gift attribute, or fund attribute, place each attribute on a separate row in the data file.
  • If it is a higher level import type* such as constituent, individual relationship, gift, or fund, place all attributes on the same row in the data file.  When importing, assign a different extension to each attribute on the Fields tab.

    *Some import types can only import one specific type of information; for example, a constituent attribute import can only import constituent attributes. Some import types can import many types of information at the same time; for example, a constituent import can import constituent (biographical) information, constituent addresses, constituent attributes, additional addressee/salutations, constituent appeals, etc. This second type of import is what is referred to above as a higher level import type.
    For more information, refer to the Import Guide.

    Example Attribute Imports:
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