To manually add a solicitor to a gift:
  1. Ensure that the solicitor has a constituent record and that it is marked as a solicitor.
  2. Click Records, Gifts from the menu bar.
  3. Open the appropriate gift or add a new one. If adding a new one, enter all the appropriate information such as gift date, amount, fund, etc.
  4. Click the Solicitor button.
  5. Place the cursor in the Solicitor field and press F7 or the binoculars button to search for the solicitor.
  6. In the Search screen, enter the solicitor's name.
  7. Double-click the appropriate solicitor to select him/her.
  8. Enter the gift amount to credit to the solicitor and tab to the next row.
  9. Repeat steps 5 through 8 for each solicitor. Go to step 10 if only assigning one solicitor.
  10. Click OK
  11. Click Save and Close to save the gift

Note: If the solicitor is an assigned solicitor on the Relationships tab and you are only adding one solicitor to the gift, instead of following steps 4 to 10, click the down arrow on the Solicitor drop-down menu and select the assigned solicitor.

To automatically add a solicitor to the gift:

  1. Assign the solicitor to the constituent.
  2. Assign the solicitor to the fund or campaign.
  3. Add the new gift for the constituent
  4. The solicitor will auto-fill in the solicitor field when s/he is assigned to the same campaign/fund as the gift.
  • The gift date must be within the Date From and Date To for the solicitor to autofill
  • The gift column must be before the solicitor column