Find the relationships to matching gift organizations for which matching gift information is not setup in the relationship
    • Create a relationship query
    • On the Criteria tab, filter on Constituent, Organization Matches Gifts equals Yes
      AND Individuals, Organization Information Organization Matches Gifts? equals No
    • On the Output tab, add the fields Constituent, Name and Individuals, Name
    • The Results tab shows the name of the matching gift organization and the name of the employee for which matching information is not setup

      How to correct relationship records that are missing matching gift information
      1. Open the individual's constituent record
      2. On the Bio 1 tab, click Business
      3. Select the General 2 tab
      4. Mark the Org Name matches gifts for constituent name option
      5. Save and close the relationship record
      6. Save and close the constituent record

        NOTE: Ensure the organization relationship has its own constituent record. For more information, see How to enter matching gifts.