1. Click NetSolutions, NetEvents from the navigation bar
  2. Click New Event
  3. On the Publish an Event to the Web screen, select the event record to use for this page. Click Next.
  4. On the Allow online registration screen:

    1. Mark the Allow participants to register online checkbox
    2. If appropriate, mark Allow registrants to enter comments with their registration fee.
    3. If appropriate, mark the Limit the maximum number of participants that can register online checkbox. Enter a maximum number
    4. Enter a Constituency code to be added to new records that are created. Click Next.
    • On the Prices for an Event screen, mark the Registration fees will be collected checkbox unless this is a free event. Enter the number of participants per unit in the Participants/Unit field. Click Next.
    • On the Event Description screen, enter the description and details for the event. Click Next.
    • On Page Style screen, unmark the Use default to change the settings checkbox (the tab is available in 7.61)
    • On the Customize the event confirmation screen, click Customize Layout... to create or edit the receipt. Click Next.
    • Click Finish

    For more information, refer to the 'Publishing an Event to Your Web Site' section in the NetSolutions Guide. (PDF)