1. In Administration, click Queue

  2. In the grid, highlight the queue to schedule

  3. Click Schedule on the action bar at the top of the page

  4. Once the queue is selected, if you marked the Create control report checkbox on the Options screen, the queue is validated to ensure that the printer, file, or mail recipient can be located. If the printer, file, or mail recipient cannot be located, a message appears, informing you the information cannot be successfully located. To correct the information, click Edit User Options on the Options screen. If the validate process is successful, the Schedule Queue screen appears.

  5. In the Queue start date field, enter a date

  6. In the Queue start time field, enter a time for the queue to begin processing

  7. In the Run As and Run On fields, information you entered in these fields on the Processing tab of the recurring queue you are scheduling defaults into these fields on the Schedule Queue screen.

  8. In the Begin processing with field, if you have more than one queue item in a queue, you can select which queue item you want processed first by selecting a queue item in this field. If more than one queue item exists in the queue and you select a queue item other than the first one in the list, queue items listed before the one you select in this field do not run.

  9. To schedule the queue to run at the time you specified, click Schedule Queue. The Queue sits on the Queue Schedule screen until it is ready to run. If you change your mind and decide to run the queue now, you can click Run Queue Now to cancel the scheduling process and begin processing the queue immediately.