1. In Mail, click Forms and highlight CR Receipts (AR Receipts or SB Receipts) and click New
  2. On the General tab, In the Payment date field, select the appropriate date, such as This month.
  3. In the Deposit date field, select the appropriate date, such as Include all dates.
  4. In the Include payment numbers from [] to [] and the Include deposit number from []to [] fields, you can select to include a range of payment numbers and or deposit numbers.
  5. In the Include payments whose status is [ ], then change the status to printed field, select Not yet printed, Reprint or Both.  After printing the receipt, the print status is changed to printed on the payment record. NOTE: Payments with a status of Do Not Print, will not be included.
  6. On the Filters tab, select the appropriate filters.
  7. On the Attributes tab, you can add, delete, or update transaction attributes for payments.
  8. On the Address tab, specify whether addresses appear on receipts. The program compares the parameters you define on this tab with address information entered on the Addresses tab of the payer’s record to identify the appropriate address to use.
  9. On the Format tab, designate the format for the mailing. Settings on this tab determine the appearance of the receipts. For example, you can sort the mailing and select formats for displaying monetary amounts.
  10. Click Preview.