Upload your files to your case in Case Central on Blackbaud.com so your support analyst can work on your issue without needing you to be on the phone at the same time. You may attach up to 5 files. Attachments will be promptly archived for your security, after which you will no longer be able to view them on Case Central. If your files contain sensitive information, we recommend compressing them into one password-protected ZIP file. 

Follow these steps:
  1. Select Support > Case Central from Blackbaud.com's menu. 
  2. Scroll down to the Case Title section and click on the applicable case number.
  3. Click Choose File
  4. Navigate to the file you want to upload and then click Open.
  5. Click Submit and it will start to upload. The amount of time it takes to complete will vary depending on the file size, your connection speed and the Internet.
Note: File size must be less than 10M.

Additional Information: