• Edit Master Schedule

    On the Scheduling page, click Open a class or click Edit Master Schedule and then open a class section. Select the Students tab.

    Edit Master Schedule

    You can:

    • Enroll students individually by course requests -- click the checkbox in the Enrolled? column.
    • Enroll one student without a course request -- click Add Student on the action bar.
    • Group enroll students without course requests -- click Load Students on the action bar. (You can enroll students by grade level, query, homeroom teacher, or class.)
  • Edit Student Schedules

    When editing student schedules in the Request or List View, you can edit course requests and select a class section for a course request to enroll a student in a class automatically. For example, click Select a Class on the action bar to view a list of all available classes. In the Status column, you can determine if the student can be enrolled in the class. Statuses include Full, Conflict, and OK.
    • In the Schedule View, you can edit the student schedule in a schedule grid.
    • The Schedule View is an interactive version of the Potential Student Schedule report (BB194210). For each request, the possible class sections that can fulfill the request appear in a grid with codes indicating how the class section affects the student schedule. For example:
      • E means the student is enrolled in the class section
      • F means the class section is full, based on either the target class size or room capacity

      Review How to use the Schedule view of Edit Student Schedules (BB146715).