Verify the user has rights to access online modules
  1. In The Education Edge, select Administration, Set up system security
  2. Open the affected user
  3. On the User Information tab, verify the user type is set to include online modules
  4. Save and close the user 
Verify the user's security group has rights to FAWeb
  1. In The Education Edge, select Administration
  2. Click Set up system security
  3. Open the appropriate FAWeb security group
  4. Change the Group Type to Faculty Access for the Web
  5. Under System Components, mark Shared Components and Registrar's Office
  6. Click Save and Close
  7. Open the appropriate user record
  8. Add the user to the FAWeb security group
  9. Select the Online Security tab
  10. In the Online Systems box, mark the Faculty Access for the Web checkbox
  11. Click the binoculars under the Faculty/Staff record to link to field and search for the teacher's faculty record
  12. Complete other applicable fields such as User Name, Description and password information
  13. Click Save and Close