Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article. For detailed information on Importing, refer to How to import before proceeding. 

  1. Create a data file or use an existing file. 
  2. When you import/update grades, comments, and/or skill ratings, you can identify the correct student, course, academic year, and session in one of three ways:
    • Student Course Import ID
    • Class Import ID and either Student ID or Student Import ID
    • School (if the database includes multiple schools), Academic Year, Session, Course ID, and either Student ID or Student Import ID
    • For each import, you can select only one method for identifying the correct student, course, academic year, and session
    • In Excel, use Text as the column type for Student ID, Import ID, and Course Import ID. Otherwise, Excel drops the leading zeros.
    • You can import numeric comments only if Numeric is selected in the Grade comments entry field on the academic year record in Configuration
    • If importing numeric comments, you can include multiple comments by entering the numbers separated by commas (such as, 1, 2, 3)
    • Instances in which additional fields are required:
      • If adding a grade, comment, and/or skill rating to an Other Course, you must use the Student Course Import ID field or the Is Other Course field must have a value of Yes and the course school must be indicated
      • If the student is enrolled in different class sections of a course in different terms of the same academic year year and the Class Import ID is not included, the import file must include the Class Start Term field or the Class Import ID field
      • If the student is enrolled in two courses that have the same Course ID, the import file must include the School field
      • If the student is enrolled in a course multiple times in the same term, the import file must include the Class Section field
      • If importing skills not associated with categories, enter none as the category. This is required only if the course has skills with duplicate names.
      • You must include a separate row in the import file for each marking column to import. This includes grades for the same class in different marking columns. However, grades, multiple skills ratings, and comments can all be in the same row if they are associated with the same marking column.
      • You can import letter grades or numeric grades for a course as long as the grades appear in the translation table associated with the marking column on the Grading - Grades tab of the course record
      • You can import check marks as skill ratings as long as the check marks appear in the ratings table associated with the skill and marking column on the Grading - Skills tab of the course record. (To import check marks as skill ratings, press Shift + \). 
  3. Import the data file using the following parameters:

    General Tab:
    • Import Type: Grades, Grade
    • What do you want to do? Import new/update existing records
    • What file do you want to import? Browse to the import file
    • What is the format of this import file? Delimited

    File Layout Tab:

    • Field Separators and Text Qualifiers: Select Comma and Quotation
    • Import Field Names: Mark Field names are on the first line of the import file
    • Sample Import Format: Verify the first few rows of the import file

    Fields Tab:
    In the Import these fields frame, verify that all rows in the Field to Import column are correctly mapped to the corresponding Education Edge field in the Import Field column 

    Note: If you are importing multiple skills, confirm the extensions correctly group each skill together. For example, in the graphic below, all fields with extension 00 relate to the same skill. The fields for the next skill are identified with extension 01.

    Summary Tab:
    We recommend marking all available checkboxes. At the very least, mark the Create control report option.