1.   Open a course record.
  2.   Select the Resources tab.
  3.   In the Number of teachers for each class field, select the number of teachers needed for each class (such as 1, 2, or 3). 
Note: The number you enter determines how many teachers Generate Master Schedule assigns to classes of the course.
  1.     In the Available teachers grid, add the teachers Generate Master Schedule can assign to classes of the course.
  2.     Run Generate Master Schedule to automatically schedule the teachers.

    Manually schedule the teachers:
  1.         In Scheduling, click Edit master schedule
  2.         Open the desired class.
  3.         In the Information Scheduled frame, click the Binoculars button to select Teachers.
  4.         Select Find Now to search for all Teachers
  5.         Hold down the CTRL button on the keyboard to select multiple teachers.
  6.         When all desired teachers are highlighted, press Enter to add them to the class.

For more information, refer to the Records Guide for Registrar's Office (PDF).