When you open a class section in Edit Master Schedule, you can select the Students tab to view all students requesting the course.

In Scheduling:

  1. Click Edit master schedule, highlight a class and click Open
    or  Click Open a class
  2. Select the Students tab, mark the checkbox in the the Enrolled? column to enroll a student in the section
    Unmark the checkbox to drop or withdraw the student from the class.
    Or you can press the Tab key on your keyboard to move between students and press the Space Bar to mark the Enrolled? checkbox.

    Students tab

  3. Click Save and Close.
Note: To determine if a student is enrolled in another section, look at the Status column. For example, if the student is enrolled in section 1 of the course, the Status column displays "Enrolled in 1".  The Status column displays "Class conflicts" if the student has a scheduling conflict with one of the class meetings. It also displays whether the student withdrew from the class or is enrolled in the course's alternate.