To manually schedule courses:
  1. On the Scheduling page, click Open a class or Edit master schedule.
  2. Open the appropriate class and select the Meetings tab.
  3. Select New Meeting on the action bar. Or, right-click in the cell of the first meeting time to add. Select New Meeting.
  4. On the Meeting screen, select the appropriate room and teacher.
    • If the course is restricted by a pattern and the Scheduling Business Rule is set to Always create meetings automatically, the program adds the other meeting times automatically.
    • To speed your search for free resources, select Class, Find Free from the menu bar. You can search for free teachers and rooms, free teachers only, or free rooms.
    • You can use the Display availability for field at the bottom of the grid to identify times during which teachers and rooms are scheduled so you do not mistakenly create conflicts when moving a class. In the grid:
      • The letter T appears with a Class ID in cells during which the selected teacher is already scheduled.
      • The letter R appears with a class ID in cells during which the selected room is already scheduled.
  5. To delete a meeting from the grid, select the meeting and click Delete on the action bar.
  6. To delete all meetings in the selected term, click Delete All on the action bar.