In Scheduling, you can use Edit Master Schedule to group enroll students. For example, you can enroll all students from section 1 of Drawing-101 into section 1 of Music-101.

load students by group

  1. On the Scheduling page, click Edit master schedule.
  2. From the menu bar, select View, Grid View or View, List View
  3. Open the appropriate class
  4. Select the Students tab
  5. Click Load Students on the action bar
  6. On the Load Students by Group screen, you can select one of the following in Add students using:
    • Grade level
    • Query
    • Homeroom teacher
    • Class

  7. Click OK
  8. Click Save and Close to save changes to the class 
Note: You can also enroll many students at one time by first adding course requests and then selecting the students on the Students tab of a class section in Edit master schedule. (The Students tab lists all students requesting the course.) For more information, refer to How to manually enroll students by course requests (BB146885).